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Office Hours

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Since 1998 Medi Quik Clinic has been your fastest way to get medical attention when you are sick or have a minor emergency! Simply call or stop by one of our locations. NO appointment is necessary! Our staff is prepared for any adult or child healthcare minor emergency.

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Medi Quik is blessed to have such caring and knowledgable heathcare staff at our local clinics. Find out today why ours is the best.

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Often we recommend products or services to our patients and friends. This area is so we can share it with everyone that is interested.

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We do not sell, rent or share any user information. As a service to our users signed up, we will send emails to keep you informed of news and special events. We respect our online users.

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• Greenwood Leflore Hospital

GLHS physicians are board-certified in a wide range of medical specialties, providing expert care for the whole family, from the oldest to the youngest member.

• Chris Alford Graphic Design

If you are needing a Health Care Logo, Corporate ID, Newsprint Ads or secure website that is easy to use then contact CAGD.us today.

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