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Levitical Food Laws
Levitical Food Laws
by Sharon (info@mediquickms.com)
on 01/Sep/2011 at 10:01:12 AM


Diets, weight loss, pills to lose weight, eat this to lose 20#’s in a week, liposuction,

fat burning drinks, and the list goes on and on. Americans are consumed by instant results even

with losing weight. A pill supposedly cures everything. “ My head hurts”...take a pill. “My

blood pressure is up”...take a pill...”I’m depressed”...take a pill... “I need to lose weight”...take

a pill. Medication is necessary for certain health issues but when did society get so caught up

in taking pills to shed pounds? And what are the long term effects of this type weight loss?

And what happens when we stop taking the pill? All this being said, let’s start from the


Who created these bodies we stuff full of all the wrong fuel? God! So why don’t we see

what He has to say about how to sustain and maintain these abused human vehicles.

Leviticus Chapter 11 is a great place to begin because this is where God told Moses what we

should and should not eat. Let’s take a look.

Leviticus Chapter 11 divides the foods we may and may not eat into four categories:

1. Land animals 2. Water creatures 3. Air 4. Crawlers


Verse 1,2 Instructions from God to Moses and Aaron about what the children of Israel should

eat...These are the beasts which ye shall eat...

V3 If a beast parteth the hoof and is clovenfooted and cheweth the cud, it can be eaten. Now to

what animals are we referring?

Cattle, deer, lamb, goat...they all chew the cud, and have a split or parted hoof.

V4 We are not to eat those animals that do chew the cud and do not have divided hoof...for

example, the camel chews the cud but does not have a divided hoof, therefore we cannot eat him.

V 5 The rabbit(coney) cannot be eaten because he cheweth the cud but does not have a divided

hoof, rather a paw.

V 6 Same with the jackrabbit or hare

V7, 8 Swine, ah the swine. For some who may not know this is a pig. Yes, a pig. We are not to

eat the pig because the swine is clovenfooted or divided hoof yet he does not chew the cud.

And we are not even to touch their carcasses!


V 9 We can eat fish or creatures from the water if they have fins and scales. This includes

crappie, bream, bass, tuna, salmon.

V10 We cannot eat of fish if they do not have fins and scales. Catfish, shrimp, scallops, oysters,

crawfish, etc. No, No!

V11 Don’t even tough these creatures carcasses.

V12 No fins, no scales...do not eat.


V 13 Don’t eat animals which fly and prey on other animals for their food. Eagle, ossifrage(

bone breaker), and ospray(sea eagle).

V14 Don’t eat the vulture and the kite(falcon)

V15 Raven(black bird)

V16 No eating the owl, night hawk, cuckow and hawk

V17 No eating the little owl, cormorant(pelican) and the great owl.

V18 The swan, pelican(herron), gier eagle cannot eat.

V19 The stork, the heron and the bat...don’t eat.

V20 Any fowl or bird that creeps on all four do not eat( penquin, turtle, sea otter, sea lion)

V21-25 May eat duck, quail, chicken, dove, etc. Any bird or fowl that does not eat meat.

V 26-27 Do not eat cats, dogs, bears, squirrel...these creatures walk on paws and on all fours.

V28 Carcasses are unclean also


V29-31 Unclean to eat are weasels, mice and tortoises, ferrets, chameleon, lizard, snail and mole,

and snake.


What can I eat?
Beef, chicken, fish with scales, vegetables, breads, milk, cheeses, salads, eggs, nuts, etc.
Two oils are olive oil and butter, both of which are not manmade and are natural.

Anyone interested in additional information or a class please contact one of our two locations
662-229-0669 Grenada or
662-237-0404 Carrollton

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